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The " Construction Job Centre" is a recruitment and job seeking assistance service for both employers and those seeking employment.     

Assisting construction employers with their human resource recruitment needs and helping people secure a career in construction.

Registering people who are seeking employment in the construction industry, from entry level to experienced workers or professionals.

We use an Industry customized database to match the job seekers interest and abilities with the needs of the employers job requirements.


The Employers advantage:


We send out a Job alert with your current job vacancy to all of our job seekers closely matching the criteria for your specific posting!

   Step 1 is to create an account under the Employer tab(see note below)

**NOTE - Once you have created your account on the Job Centre you will immediately receive an electronically generated email with instructions on how to post and edit your job posting.





Job Seekers - looking for courses in Construction - check out our in-classroom and online courses under the Events tab on our main vrca.bc.ca website 

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You may be interested in taking one of our Construction related training courses  giving you that extra edge. Check out our Education section at www.vrca.bc.ca




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